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Cherished registration, private number plate and personal number plate are the generic terms used to describe registration marks that have value.

A personal number plate can be anything from a standard registration plate that may have letters that have some meaning to you, for example P123 XXX, to the high value "dateless" plates such as VNM 3.

In general, the shorter the registration plate, and the lower the number invloved, the higher the value. For example the private number plate SFR 3 will generally be worth more than the personal number plate SFR 37 due to the first cherished plate having a lower number.

There are exceptions. For example the registration mark K1 NGS is one of the most valuable plates sold because of the word it spells and ELV 1S would have great value to, for obvious reasons.

A lot of personal number plate sellers are in fact agents who don't own any of their own stock. At plates4sale.co.uk, we own a number of quality private number plates, and we have many more that we have been directly asked to advertise by the current owners of the personal plate.

We are always interested in purchasing quality cherished registrations you have for sale for our own stock.
Please email details of your plates to sales@plates4sale.co.uk

If you would like to advertise your plate4sale here, please send an email to sales@plates4sale.co.uk

We accept payment by major credit/debit cards

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